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The problem we're solving

No one is offering modern glucose monitoring that is comfortable, continuous, and medically accurate. Current products don't fully address patient needs. They can be:

  • Traumatic

  • Infection-prone

  • Point-in-time

  • Unable to provide trusted data

The Opuz solution is elegant and effortless,
providing pain-free, reliable, and continuous blood glucose insights to support personalised health.

Opuz technology is the sum of 3 parts

1. Micro sensor data fusion

Comfortably collecting bio-data without piercing the skin barrier.

Black Chips
Image by Fabian Albert

2. Proprietary AI algorithm and customised app

Interpreting raw data as personalised blood glucose levels through a securely connected device.

3. Adaptable wearable forms

Miniaturised to integrate seamlessly with established technology ecosystems.

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Does it really work?

Opuz technology has already been proved in a human trial with more planned in 2024.

First human clinical trial results
Demonstrating feasibility and accuracy

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To learn why Opuz technology is superior to emerging competitors 

Opuz owns 100% of its IP and have patents filed in 6 key regions

USA | Europe | Australia | New Zealand | India | China

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